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Why Should You Consider El Paso as your Retirement Destination?

There’s a new trend happening in the Sun City, a trend of seeing retirees migrate to this beautiful city! A new analysis comparing the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the United States as a potential retirement location, based on facts like: affordability, desirability, happiness, taxes, job market and access to top-quality hospitals, has named several cities in Texas in the top 10 places to retire. El Paso comes into the ranking because of our great affordable housing, low taxes, and above average levels of happiness. With a 7.1 Overall Score and 8.0 Housing Affordably El Paso is number #5 on the U.S News Best Places to Retire Analysis.

Claudia Hargrove El Paso

Claudia Hargrove El Paso

Nowadays, El Paso is attracting a wide variety of residents with its array of musical, cultural and sports events like Neon Desert Music Festival, Mariachi Loco Music Festival, Texas Country Music Fest, Sun City Craft Beer Festival, UTEP Sports Teams, The Chihuahuas and a Broadway Season are among the events that are bringing our community together.

El Paso Chihuahuas

El Paso Chihuahuas

Thinking about moving to El Paso? Here are some stats about our city:

  • Metro Population: 837,073
  • Median Age: 31.6
  • Unemployment rate: 4.7%
  • Average Annual Salary: $37,440
  • Median Home Price: $137,842
  • Median Monthly Rent: $765
  • AVG High/Low Temps: 77.4° / 51.6°
  • AVG Annual Rainfall: 9.7 Inches
AVG Commute Time: 23.3 minutes

Let’s analyze and compare our city stats against San Diego, CA a city famous for its sunny weather and beautiful beaches, but of course there is much more than that, with a metropolitan population of 3,253,356, an average annual salary of $55,480 and a $521,067 median home price, we can conclude that living in this city is not particularly affordable, San Diegans are willing to pay these elevated prices though, often referring to the cost of living differences as the “sunshine tax,” or the price of enjoying a year-round temperate climate.

As you can see, El Paso remains more affordable with lower costs of living and housing than most markets in the United States, including metropolitan areas in Texas like Austin and Houston.

Nestled in the heart of El Paso are beautiful desert properties and communities. Here is list of the most popular neighborhoods in El Paso for investors:

Rental Properties:

  1. Central El Paso
  2. Cielo Vista Mall Area
  3. Mesa hills


  1. Bear Ridge
  2. High Ridge
  3. Upper Mesa Hills
  4. Ranchos Del Sol
  5. East El Paso
  6. Northwestern El Paso

El Paso is called the Sun City for a reason and that reason is the 300 days of sunshine we have every year and that’s why if you love outdoors Sun City is a great place to live. El Paso proximity to the Rio Grande and the Franklin Mountains State Park provides great opportunities for outdoor activities. The El Paso International Airport is less than a 15-minute drive from downtown and is serviced by American Airlines, Delta, United, Frontier Airlines, Southwest and Allegiant.  
Claudia Hargrove El Paso

Finding the right city that meets all your criteria for a retirement spot can be a difficult challenge, as a retiree you will have the opportunity to choose and move to a place that costs less a provides a high quality of life, but you definitely won’t have to thru this process by yourself. My extensive knowledge of El Paso’s residential real estate market is unparalleled. Clients choose to work with me for my full-service approach, ethics, experience and expertise.

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