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Claudia Hargrove Thoughts

It’s starting to warm up In El Paso, the sun is high and hot and so is the competition for buying a home. If you are thinking about buying a home this summer, you just need to find your perfect agent. With over 32 years of experience, my extensive knowledge of El Paso’s residential real estate market is unparalleled, despite this highly competitive real estate market I’ve shown the ability to satisfy my clients needs in the buying and selling process.

But before you start any serious consideration about buying a home, let me share with you some tips and market facts to help you get the most out of this summer housing market.

  1. We are expecting that the housing market will be strong this summer, existing home sales and list prices have risen in 2018, and starter home inventory has drop by 14 %.
  2. Summers is not the craziest season to buy a home but it’s definitely a busy home-buying season, one of the advantages of buying during summer is that prices normally drop from May through October. So, there is a huge possibility that you could find a great deal.
  3. In real estate markets like El Paso there is are a lot of inventory available for sale that can give you more leverage for a negotiation and peace of mind knowing that another home will be just around the corner waiting for you.
  1. You should try to get to know the neighborhood, take the proper time to do some research about the community and neighborhood before making any offer. If a home that fits your needs and expectations is available, it’s really tempting to make an offer but if it’s not the right community or neighborhood, you may never end up feeling at home in your house.
  2. Once you finally find your dream house, make the strongest offer you can make even if it’s not the highest. The strongest offer might not always the highest one but is the best you can do.
  3. Buying and selling at the same time can be easier, if you need to sell your home before buying another, you will likely have an easier time with the balancing act during the summer. Rather than getting trapped with two mortgages, you could have a more seamless transition in a busier market.
  4. Kids are out of school buying a house and moving in the summer is a much easier transition if you have a family you can minimize disruption to your kids live.

Now, you know that if you can stand the heat of a little competition plus my expertise we will make our way into the marketplace during housing’s hottest season. I realize what an important decision it is when choosing a real estate professional. After all, this is likely the biggest purchase or sale you will make in your entire life. I take that responsibility very seriously. Beyond the significant financial issues, the rest is about your happiness and quality of life. If you choose me to represent you in your real estate aspirations, you can count on my dedication to serve your best interests each and every day through the process.

Contact me and Let me help you find your dream house in El Paso, Texas.