Claudia Hargrove Thoughts

How to be a good neighbor?

We know that a person cannot live isolated from society and when you move to a new colony, it is necessary to establish a good relationship with your neighbors.

Good neighbors can create bonds of trust and friendship, often they will be the ones who help you in some problem.

As easy or difficult as it is to live together with you and your neighbors, we give you some tips to promote respect, peace and an environment of tolerance. After all, you are sharing a common place with them.

-Give yourself time to know the colony

Before establishing a dialogue with anyone, observe how they behave. What communication channels they use and how they do it, if there are friendships or enmities and maybe how long they have been living in the property. Knowing your neighbors a bit more, you will know how to approach them and establish a dialogue. 

-Avoid being a noisy neighbor

Of course, is your house or apartment and you can listen to music, watch movies with a sophisticated sound system, make the parties you want or set up a ballroom in the middle of your room but, your neighbors are also entitled to rest at night, to have tranquility and an atmosphere of peace around them. When you think that you will disturb the order a bit, talk to them and let them know what you have planned to do before.

-Have children? 

Children in the house should be explained what it means to live in a community and the importance of respecting common areas: teaching where to play or not, or why it is important not to shout at certain times.

-Your pet, your responsibility

Having a pet is very valid, but remember that you are in charge of a living being that needs attention and care; In addition, the pets end up being part of the neighborhood coexistence. To avoid complaints of odors, clean your home, take your pet to walk with his leash to incite bad faces, collect their waste and teach to make as little noise as possible.

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