Claudia Hargrove Thoughts

Advantages of buying a used house

The promotion of housing in the secondary or used markets maintains a steady growth. So we recommend that before making a choice, analyze the prices and bet on a construction of second use.

The second hand homes offer high ceilings, better location and attractive prices. Here the three main advantages of investing in the secondary market or second-use homes:


Used homes ensure savings of up to 30% because they require a maintenance that reduce their real cost. If the repairs are not high, then it is time to invest.


Most of these were built a few decades ago in downtown colonies, when there was still free space. It is precisely this aspect that ensures urban development.

When moving to a used property, it is possible to find all kinds of services such as accessible roads, shopping centers, schools, corporate buildings, green areas and religious installations.


Being old infrastructure, the ceilings are higher, giving aesthetic touches and feeling of spaciousness. On the other hand, they allow to preserve original floors and walls, which with a simple maintenance will remain as new.

Many of these properties are for sale because the original owners, almost always couples of old people, prefer small houses to rest.

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